Which Yoga Is Best For Conceiving?

Someone may be like: Yoga for conceiving fast? How the hell does this add up? Now let’s look at it this way. Our day to day hustles and bustles do have effects on our physical and mental well being. Your fertility as you know is a subset of your total well being.




Fertility Yoga poses: how to do them.

Seated forward fold

Shoulder stand

Legs up the wall 

Cobra pose

Supported Bridge Pose

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The pertinent question in your mind should be “Yoga for conceiving fast”: which of the Yoga poses? How exactly does Yoga for conceiving fast play out in solving infertility problems?


Yoga for conceiving fast has to do with stress relief and calming of your mind. This in turn gives your body a good chance to function optimally and if need be, heal itself. Yoga for conceiving fast is all about your reproductive system being better tuned to conceive.


If by any chance, you have been trying to get pregnant for up to one year without success, you must have been told to eat fertility super foods, change your life style; you may have been advised to take fertility herbs and of course be practicing right timing in having sex. These are exactly the right things that your body needs to conceive in case you haven’t been doing them.


However, Yoga for conceiving fast is an added boost to turning your fertility aright quicker. Without wasting much of your precious time, I’ll take you through a brief but powerful journey of Yoga for conceiving. Let’s get straight to the mats!



Fertility Yoga poses- how to do them

  1. Seated forward fold

Seated forward fold works on the lower back, hamstrings and hips. It vitalizes the ovaries and womb which are central to your fertility and conception. This Yoga for conceiving exercise also improves your psychological state.

Yoga for the ovaries
fertility yoga pose

How to do it

Sit straight; stretch out your legs, and your toes flexed towards you. Breathe in and stretch your arms over your head. Breathe out and bend forward at the hip, touch the sides of your feet with your arms, while your spine remains erect.

Keep breathing and bend further to your legs each time you breathe out. Remain in this position for 1 to 2 minutes and then come back to your sitting position with your arms out stretched.

Breathe out and lower your arms.



  1. Shoulder stand

This stimulates your thyroid gland, which is connected to your fertility. This Yoga for conceiving exercise also calms your mind and relieves stress.

Yoga for fertility
Yoga pose for the thyroid gland

How to do it

Lie on your back. Stretch out your legs with your arms on the sides of your body and your palms facing up. Raise your legs up to a 90-degree angle. Press your palms into the floor then lift your waist up, bring your legs forward, keeping them vertically to the floor.

Hold your waist with your palms. Raise your legs to a 90-degree angle to the floor for 1 minutes. Lower your legs and back gradually, place your hands on the ground, as your body lies parallel to the ground.



  1. Legs up the wall 

This Yoga for conceiving exercise, when performed after sexual intercourse enhances your chances of conceiving.

Yoga for fertility
Yoga fertility pose after sex

How to do it

Lie on your back. Lift your legs straight up on a wall. Stay in this position for fifteen to twenty minutes.



  1. Cobra pose

This Yoga for conceiving exercise is quite a brilliant one your fertility. It increases the flow of blood to your ovaries and the womb. This helps hormonal balance, and the production of cervical mucus that facilitates the movement of sperms to the egg.

Yoga for fertility
Yoga for the cervix

How to do it

Lie on your stomach with your palms facing the floor and your feet top-down on the floor. Inhale and exhale slowly, as you lift the top of your body, arching your back while pushing your feet, hands, and hips downwards.

Hold this position for half a minute and concentrate on your breathing. Then, release your body and lie flat on the floor.



  1. Supported Bridge Pose

This Yoga for conceiving exercise opens up your pelvic region. It stimulates the thyroid gland as it increases blood flow. It is a brilliant way to also get relief from anxiety, depression, fatigue and stress.

Yoga for the pelvis
Opens up the pelvic region

How to do it

Lay on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat and slightly apart. Put your arms on your side with your palms facing up. Breathe in and press your lower back to the ground. Curl your tailbone and while lifting your spine and buttocks from the ground.

Hold the pose for 1 to 2 minutes as you breathe in and out. slowly loosen up your body back to the ground.


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