Frozen Sperms And IVF Helps Widow Become A Mother

Lucy Kelsall, a widow, has given birth to her husband’s twins via IVF 3 years after he died of throat cancer. Lucy Kelsall, 37, had her late husband’s twins recently, using his sperm that was frozen before he died in 2017.


“It was an incredible marriage, so amazing. We didn’t have one argument in six years. Everyone was blown away about how amazing how our marriage was. He had a sore throat in 2014 that didn’t go away and in a couple of months later he was diagnosed with throat cancer.



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The proud new mother, from Bristol, married David, 45, from Preston, Lancs, in 2012 and promised him before he died that he would be a father regardless of his terminal illness.


Despite doctors’ warning that her chances of getting pregnant were slim due to her cycle beginning before an embryo had been transferred, she gave birth to two healthy boys, David and Samuel, after her second round of IVF, in 2019.


A few days before her husband died she told him that she was still going to have his baby and he was so surprised and happy. He was so proud and he certainly would have been an amazing father. “It was so emotional at the birth and I still can’t get my head around the fact that I have a bit of David with me forever” said the proud mom.


One of the twins has David’s long legs and big feet and the other twin has his green eyes. “The doctors had warned that my womb wasn’t the right environment and the IVF wouldn’t work due to my womb being inhabitable. Yet. I insisted they gave it a chance”.


‘When we found out there were two heartbeats the doctors were amazed.’ The couple married in 2012 and 2 years later, they received the heart breaking news that David had a secondary tumor in his throat.


The couple, who had wanted to start a family since they married, started trying to conceive before David became too ill in 2014. He eventually made the decision to freeze his sperm before his cancer treatment made him infertile.


Just days before he passed away, Lucy promised him that she’d use it to have his baby. David’s mother, Wilma, 85, from Preston, Lancs, was visibly delighted.


Wilma said: ‘When David died I thought that my chance to be a grandma to his children had gone but I knew that they’d saved the sperm. Lucy has given me the chance to be a grandma to David’s babies. ‘I’m delighted because they’ll be carrying on the family name.


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