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Treatment For Breast Discharge Without Pregnancy


Treatment For Low Sex Drive In Women.


SECTION 1: Treatment for breast discharge without pregnancy

There are lots of women experiencing a watery or milky substance coming out of their breasts when they aren’t pregnant or breast feeding. That’s why we’re gonna look at treatment for breast discharge without pregnancy.



The causes of breast discharge without pregnancy will also be looked at before going into its treatment. This condition is referred to as galactorrhea.


The color of breast discharge without pregnancy can be whitish, yellowish or greenish or reddish. If the color is reddish or bloody, you should see the doctor immediately. It could be something serious.


Causes of breast discharge without pregnancy

There are various reasons for breast discharge without pregnancy I will discuss the most common causes here and now.


  • Hormonal changes: Breast discharge without pregnancy can be caused by the excessive production of a hormone known as prolactin. The excessive production of prolactin is often as a result of diseases of the pituitary gland and thyroid gland.

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  • Excessive stimulation of the breasts and nipples: This is when the breasts are sucked several times per day and for over 10 minutes per session. For instance, some women deliberately massage their breasts gently after which they use double electric breast pumps to induce the production of milk when they are not pregnant.


This kind of stimulation is done several times a day and for up to 10 minutes or more per session. It is therefore not a likely cause for a woman whose breasts are sucked say once or twice a week during normal sex plays.


  • Drugs: Antidepressant drugs, anti-psychotic drugs, hormonal birth control drugs and drugs for high blood pressure have been known to cause breast discharge without pregnancy. Same goes with cough syrups that contain codeine, marijuana, cocaine, opoids and some herbal concoctions also can cause breast discharge without pregnancy.



  • Spinal cord injury, brain tumor and chronic kidney disease can also cause breast discharge without pregnancy.


  • In men, testosterone deficiency can cause breast discharge.


 Treatment of breast discharge without pregnancy

  1. In most cases, breast discharge without pregnancy goes away even without treatment. There have been cases where a woman secreted breast milk under gentle pressure when near to an unrelated newborn baby. This was due to an emotional response to the baby. It stopped once she was no longer close to the baby.
  2. Lifestyle changes like minimizing nipple and breast stimulation, avoiding tight clothing.
  3. Treatment of an underactive thyroid.


Is breast discharge without pregnancy a sign of infertility?

Like I mentioned earlier, most times, nipple discharge without pregnancy will stop without treatment. It is not always a sign of infertility on its own. You need to see a doctor to be able to know whether your breast discharge without pregnancy is associated with infertility.



SECTION 2: Treatment for low sex drive in women

There are women trying to conceive who also struggle with a lack of sexual desire. Because of this category of women, this page is gonna discuss treatment for low sex drive in women.



Apart for women trying to conceive, there are those needing treatment for low sex drive in women because it is causing relationship problems between them and their partners.


First I will discuss the causes of low sex drive in women. Then we’ll share solutions especially home remedies to treatment for low sex drive in women.


Understanding sex drive

Before I delve into treatment of low sex drive in women, what is the science behind sex drive or what you call libido? Whether in men or women, testosterone is the hormone in charge of sex drive or libido. Whatever depresses testosterone depresses sex drive.


Causes of low sex drive in women

  1. Thyroid diseases: The symptom of this cause of low sex drive in women is sudden weight loss or gain.
  2. Stress and bad relationships:
  3. Menopause: Sexual hormones are decreased and lowers sex desires.
  4. Surgical removal of ovaries or the womb.


 These aforementioned causes of low sex drive or low libido are associated with a depressed testosterone level in women.


Home remedies for the treatment of low sex drive

  • Talk about and sort out your relationship problems that is stressing you out


  • Lifting weights: This increases blood flow from the heart to your sex organs and in turn revs up libido.




  • Eat leafy green vegetables and fruits






  • Eat healthy fats





  • Cloves soaked in apple juice: Warm the apple juice and cloves for 30 seconds in your microwave oven. Enjoy the libido boosting drink


  • Cinnamon added into your coffee: Drink to raise testosterone levels.


  • Beets: Contains nitric oxide that helps blood flow to the brain and to your reproductive organs.



  • Horny goat weed: A food supplement that boosts libido


  • Pumpkin seeds.


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