How Do You Pray For A Baby?

You need to understand how to pray to get pregnant in such a way that brings you peace and confidence. When you engage in prayer to get pregnant and you are still overwhelmed by anxiety, you have a lot to learn as per prayer to get pregnant.


You are an adult and have reached a time in your life when conceiving and child birth is uppermost in your mind. The sight of adorable kids being cuddled by mothers melts your heart.


The fourth dimension to getting pregnant.

Good spiritual knowledge helps your prayer to conceive.

The meditative prayer to get pregnant: practical steps.

Meditative prayer: My personal testimony.

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Now, you also desire to have and cuddle your own baby. You may have so far unsuccessfully tried known remedies to get pregnant. You may even know that there is a spiritual or you may call it mental dimension to getting pregnant.


imagine yourself pregnant. Once you can see this picture or movie in your mind, mutter words like “I am pregnant”, “I’m carrying my baby”.


There is a sure link between the body and the mind. In sports psychology for instance, coaches understand that the state of the mind to a large extent determines who takes the crown among athletes in a competition.


For athletes to perform at their best, they must have a positive mental imagery of winning. They must be in charge of their minds in such a way that anxiety doesn’t get the better of them.

In the same way, a prayer to get pregnant must take charge of your mind and give you confidence.


A prayer to get pregnant could be same as a mere wish. This is not meant to demean you, but to be honest, a prayer to get pregnant should be more than just a wish.


I will give you a practical guide of how to pray to get pregnant. The principle will make sense to you. Practicing it will also give you inner peace and an assured confidence that your body requires to get pregnant.


“Keep muttering words like I am pregnant, i am now carrying my baby. My baby is in my womb. Mutter it several time until it become more and more real to your mind”.



Its a meditative prayer to get pregnant.  You may look at it as “the fourth dimension to getting pregnant”

Prayer for fertility

The fourth dimension to getting pregnant

For the title to make sense to you, I’ll do a bit of an intro.

  • The first dimension to getting pregnant or conceiving is for a man and a woman to have unprotected sex.
  • The second dimension is for them to use natural means to boost their fertility so as to get pregnant faster.
  • The third dimension is for them to resort to fertility treatments like the IVF.
  • Finally, the fourth dimension is using meditation to fine-tune the mind while you engage in a prayer for conceiving.

 Good spiritual knowledge helps your prayer to conceive

The bible book of Hebrews 11:11-12 says: “By faith Abraham, even though he was past age—and Sarah herself was barren—was enabled to become a father because he considered him faithful who had made the promise. And so from this one man, …. came descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as countless as the sand on the seashore.”


This is a classic example of a man that tapped into the fourth dimension in order to conceive. Let’s drive it home to your situation.


If you have fertility problems, you can take charge and turn things around for your reproductive health by believing. You see, Abraham believed that he and his wife will have a child.

You need to understand that you are designed to be fertile and to conceive. In order words, understand that you’ll surely conceive as you do the right things required to conceive. So long as you are alive, you should stay positive and self-assured that conceiving, you shall.



That confidence stems from the fact that you know that your body was designed to reproduce and that you are taking the right steps to make that happen.


Just like the athlete I described earlier, she goes through the right level of training and coaching. She then must fine-tune her mind to put anxiety at bay. She tells himself, “I shall make it”, “I am doing what I have to do to succeed and my time is now”.


Having convinced herself that she has put in the effort required and that talent is there, she speaks to himself, writes to herself, or get the psychologist tell her that she is gonna make it.

The meditative prayer to get pregnant: practical steps

  • See to it that you are doing the right things required for you to conceive.
  • Acknowledge the fact that your body by original design has the potential to conceive.
  • Take a quiet time off, visualize yourself conceiving. By that I mean, have a mental picture of you getting pregnant. Close your eyes, build the picture or the movie in your mind and mutter what you are visualizing. Mutter words like: “I’m pregnant, carrying my baby in my womb”. Mutter such words severally so that it keeps registering and becoming real to your mind. This process is the fourth dimension that I’m talking about.
  • By speaking those things you visualize, you are already in prayer. You are getting your mind fine-tuned for your body to get pregnant.

The Meditative prayer: My personal testimony

I will make my testimony as brief and practical as possible.

While I was in school, I once lost my Further Maths text book. I read a book titled “the fourth dimension”.

I then applied the principles from the book which basically is

  1. Look for a quiet place
  2. Visualize what you wanna get. Have a mental picture of it coming to you.
  3. Once you have that picture or movie in your mind, mutter those things you are visualizing.


I imagined the textbook coming towards me. Then I muttered words like: “I have my Further maths textbook back with me”. I muttered such words several times. The next day, something spoke to my mind, directing me to the exact table where my text book laid. I walked straight there and grabbed it.

Now, this is no fiction. It happened to me.


Now, go to a quiet place, imagine yourself pregnant. Once you can see this picture or movie in your mind, mutter words like “I am pregnant”, “I’m carrying my baby”. Keep muttering those words until the picture of you being pregnant become more real to your mind.


That is the simple principle behind the Prayer to conceive using the fourth dimension.



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