Trying To Conceive Tips.

The subject: “tips for conceiving”, has been adequately addressed in so many reputable blogs and websites. Yet, there are some questions about conceiving that haven’t been adequately addressed. In this piece, I’m gonna discuss some uncommon tips for conceiving.

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  • Conceiving When Not Ovulating.
  • How can I tell when I’m ovulating? 
  • Conceiving After Depo
  • Conceiving With A Tilted Cervix.
  • Letoval For Conceiving.
  • Dua For Conceiving.
  • Sperm friendly Lubricants (Conceiving lubes).
  • Can Conceiving Cause Leucorrhea?
  • Getting Pregnant After Nexplanon.
  • How Long After The Nexplanon Can I Get Pregnant?
  • Conception To Birth Alexander Tsiaras.


Conceiving When Not Ovulating

You are said to be ovulating when an egg is released from one of your ovaries. Ovulation is central to conceiving. As you probably know, conceiving when not ovulating is impossible. It is only when a woman is ovulating that she can get pregnant.


Yet medical science has solutions for helping you to ovulate. If you need information about conceiving when not ovulating, I’ll share some tips for conceiving when not ovulating right away.


Women not ovulating may begin treatment by using clomiphene – also known as Clomid or Serophene or Letrozole, also known as Femara. These medications trigger your ovaries to produce follicles so that you can ovulate.


Most women using clomiphene to trigger ovulation will start to have regular ovulation and may conceive within three to six menstrual cycles treatment. Therefore, any woman who has used clomiphene for three menstrual cycles and is still not ovulating, or has not become pregnant, should undergo further medical examination with a fertility specialist.”


How can I tell when I’m ovulating?

• Bear in mind that ovulation usually occurs 14 days before your next period. If your period is regular, you can calculate your ovulation date.
• When ovulating, your cervical mucus will be wetter, clearer and more slippery;
• Your body temperature (using a thermometer to measure) will rise a bit after ovulation takes place.
• You can use an ovulation predictor kit to detect when you are ovulating
A combination of these methods is likely to help you detect your ovulation date accurately. You should know by now that having sex during ovulation is one of the major tips for conceiving.


Conceiving After Depo

Depo-Provera has been very effective as a birth control shot. The strong points of using Depo are that it:

  • Depo doesn’t require daily doses
  • It reduces menstrual cramps and pain.
  • Depo-Provera reduces menstrual bleeding and in may stop menstruation.
  • It also reduces the risk of endometrial cancer.

How long does it take for Depo Provera to start working?

Depo becomes effective as a contraceptive immediately if you get it within the first 5 days of your menstrual period.


The time line for conceiving after Depo is the major concern with its use. Ideally, conceiving after depo ought to be possible after three months of not taking the drug.


However, some women (especially bigger women) found that conceiving after depo, it took them as much as two years to get pregnant. Luckily, there’s no report of depo resulting to permanent infertility. But, some women who used the shot over a long period had reported stoppage in their monthly periods.


To know whether your fertility has returned after stopping Depo, is to check if you are having a regular menstrual cycle again. You can also use an ovulation predictor kit to know whether your ovulation is back. A basal body temperature chart can also show you if ovulation has returned after stopping the use of depo.


My advice is simple, if you are interested in conceiving after depo, plan to give your body enough time to restart ovulation. At worst your body might require 22 months. For many, conceiving after depo takes 10 months or less.


Conceiving With A Tilted Cervix

The cervix is the narrow passage at the lower end of the womb. It is the passage between the vagina and the womb. What you refer to as a tilted cervix should be better rendered as a tilted uterus (womb). Conceiving with a tilted cervix (or better put, conceiving with a tilted womb) doesn’t pose any problems at all.


Normally, your womb tips forward at the cervix. A tilted womb, (or what you call a tilted cervix) tips backward instead of forward. It’s typically considered a normal body variation.


A common phenomenon with what is you may refer to as a tilted cervix (better put a tilted womb) is that it can cause pain during sexual intercourse. There are no special tips for conceiving with a tilted cervix. Just go ahead and have sex gently and well lubricated if you experience pain during sex.


Letoval For Conceiving

This drug also known as letrozole has been more effective than the standard drug clomiphene for helping women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) to achieve pregnancy. Letoval for conceiving increases the likelihood of ovulation and child birth than the drug clomiphene. For women with PCOS, the use of Letoval is one of the tips for conceiving.


In a study of the effects of Letoval for conceiving versus clomiphene for conceiving, it was found that: 27.5 percent of women who are given Letoval for conceiving will eventually have a live birth. Whereas, 19.1 percent of women who were given the drug clomiphene experienced a live birth.


Similarly, the ovulation rate was higher for the letoval group, with ovulation occurring 61.7 percent of the time. Whereas, the women in the clomiphene group ovulated 48.3 percent of the time.


However, the women treated with clomiphene, fared better than those treated with Letoval in terms of pregnancy loss. 29.1 percent of the clomiphene group experienced pregnancy loss. Whereas 31.8 percent of the letoval group had pregnancy loss.


With regards to having multiple pregnancies, 7.4 percent of women treated with clomiphene had twins. Whereas, 3.4 percent of women treated with Letoval had twin pregnancies.
The clomiphene group also fared better than the Letoval group in terms of infants born with defects. 1.4 percent of the clomiphene group had infants with birth defects as against 3.9 percent of the letoval group.



Dua For Conceiving

There is obviously a connection between our bodies and our minds. Dua for conceiving has to do with using Islamic holy books to put infertility at bay.


I am not a Muslim. Yet I know that religion has played great roles for fighting off infertility. Your belief system can calm your body by keeping anxiety and stress at bay.


Once you can successfully settle your mind, you body can respond better to fertility treatments. In fact, many have ascribed their victory over infertility to their religious beliefs.


While one may not prove such testimonies scientifically, I know that a mind that is stressed can for instance cause erectile dysfunction which can contribute to infertility. Many have found prayers to be one of the great tips for conceiving.

Meditative Prayer To Get Pregnant

Conceiving Lube

It is a known fact that sex can be hurtful to a woman who isn’t well lubricated. The essence of a conceiving lube is to use lubricants that are sperm friendly.


A conceiving lube is a lubricant that doesn’t hamper the movement of sperms. While trying to conceive, couples are advised to have sex a lot, especially during the woman’s fertility window.


Having sex while trying-to-conceive can be challenging in terms of making it fun. The scheduling of sex during the fertility window can reduce the arousal of a woman thus, reducing her natural virginal lubrication. Unfortunately, the ordinary lubricants in the markets are not as sperm friendly as a conceiving lube.



Some lubricants hamper the movement of sperms, others can even damage the sperms. That is why couples trying to conceive are advised to order a conceiving lube.


There are several conceiving lubes that you can order online or over the counter. Mind you, conceiving lubes do not cure infertility. They are simply made to give sperms the same environment offered by a woman’s cervical mucus.


Sperm Friendly Natural Oils

Natural oils like canola, almond, olive, or coconut oil are sperm friendly lubricants. They are easily absorbed by the body, and do not inhibit sperms.



Can Conceiving Cause Leucorrhea?

Leucorrhea is a milky-white or clear vaginal discharge. It is a very healthy and normal occurrence in the vagina. Now, let’s answer the question: Can Conceiving Cause Leucorrhea?


Yes. Leucorrhea is expected when you conceive or when you about to ovulate. It is happens when there are major changes in a woman’s hormones. Leucorrhea is noticed few weeks after conceiving and continues during the pregnancy. Conceiving can cause leucorrhea, but you need to know the difference between normal leucorrhea and a discharge caused by an infection.


If you are pregnant, an untreated infection can lead to a miscarriage. Therefore, consult your doctor if your vaginal discharge is accompanied by:
• Itching or burning
• Change in odor
• Yellow or green tint
• More discharge than usual
• Pain in the pelvis or legs.


Getting Pregnant After Nexplanon

Nexplanon is a birth control implant that is placed discreetly under the skin of the inner, upper arm. It is very effective for up to 3 years. Getting pregnant with nexplanon within the 3 years of using the contraceptive is almost impossible. Nexplanon is more than 99% effective, therefore your chance of getting pregnant while on it is extremely low.


How Long After Stopping the Use of Nexplanon Can I Get Pregnant?

You can get pregnant as early as 7 to 14 days after removal of nexplanon.


How long does irregular bleeding last on nexplanon?

Bleeding or spotting caused by the use of nexplanon is the most common side effect experienced especially in the first 6-12 months. Sometimes nexplanon could cause long-term spotting. Some women using it experience longer and heavier periods.


But for the most, nexplanon makes their periods much lighter.


Conception To Birth Alexander Tsiarasi need to get pregnant

Alexander Tsiaras, used scanning technology (imaging machine) to show how human beings are conceived and birthed. The piece is titled from conception to birth. The video shows:
• Sperms racing towards the egg
• Egg inseminated
• In the first 24 hours, the first division happens to the inseminated egg
• A few hours after fusion of the egg and sperm, the fertilized egg divides
• Every 12 to 15 hours, the fertilized egg divides again
• An embryo is formed
• On the 25th day, the heart is developing
• The 32nd day: arms and hands are developing
• 36th day: the primitive vertebrae begins to form
• These weeks are the periods of the most rapid development of the fetus until the 9th           month.
• 45th day: the heart of the embryo beats twice as fast as the mother’s heart.
• 52 days and the retina, nose and fingers are developing
• The fetus continually moves for muscular and skeletal growth
• In 12 weeks, what is called Indifferent Penis forms which doesn’t determine the sex of         the baby.
• 8 months and a well developed baby can be seen by the imaging machine
• The birth stage shows the head passing through the pelvis while the legs seem to kick on     the pelvic girdle to push out the whole body.


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