Treatment For Erection Problems

The inability of a man to have or maintain an erection for sex is what is called Erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among men of all ages and it gets more common as men get older. Serious cases of erectile dysfunction or impotence leads to infertility.



What causes erectile dysfunction?

Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction

What is the best herb for erectile dysfunction?

Commonly prescribed erectile dysfunction treatments. 

Other treatments.


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Erectile dysfunction is quite a source of worry for men. A man suffering from erectile dysfunction can suffer the loss of self esteem. It can also cause relationship problems. Some men avoid from getting married or trying to have children because of this dysfunction.


It is a known fact that sexual intimacy and procreation is one of the most enjoyable aspects of life. For a man who considers sex this important, erectile dysfunction is a major frustration. Some men have even considered suicide as they get depressed over erectile dysfunction.


This kinda extreme feeling is born out of pure ignorance. The application of knowledge about erectile dysfunction cure is all that is required to upturn this problem. Research on erectile dysfunction cure is well developed and is been very successful. Going by the breakthroughs in erectile dysfunction cure, you can successfully enjoy sexual intimacy and procreation.


Information is key to erectile dysfunction treatment

My first step in discussing erectile dysfunction cure is to give good counsel to a sufferer. Erectile dysfunction cure will often involve the cooperation of your partner if you already are in a relationship.


If you are seeking a partner while going through an erectile dysfunction cure, make sure she is in a position to be patient and understanding. There are women that have the patience and understanding to see you through the process of erectile dysfunction cure.


I will now disclose natural remedies for erectile dysfunction as well as medical treatments options. Even if medication is required for erectile dysfunction treatment, natural remedies improves its effectiveness.

Erectile dysfunction can affect relationships


What causes erectile dysfunction?

In discussing what causes erectile dysfunction, I’ll want you to have a quick understanding of how men have erections.


Having an erection is a complex process involving the brain, hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles and blood vessels. These components of the body all contribute to a man’s erection.


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With this little understanding, you can begin to understand what causes erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can result from a problem with any of the body components I just listed. Stress and mental health problems can cause or make erectile dysfunction worse.


A mix of physical and psychological can result in erectile dysfunction. A health condition that slows your sexual response today can get you anxious about maintaining an erection next time. This anxiety can cause or worsen erectile dysfunction.


What causes erectile dysfunction?

Health conditions such as:

Heart disease.

High blood pressure.



Clogged blood vessels.

High cholesterol.

Sleep disorders.

Body fat around the waist.

Parkinson’s disease.

Multiple sclerosis.


What causes erectile dysfunction?

Drugs and certain prescription medications

Narcotics abuse

Alcohol abuse

Treatments for prostate cancer or enlarged prostate


Psychological issues can  cause erectile dysfunction 

Depression, stress, anxiety or other mental health conditions


Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction

  • Start walking. Just 30 minutes of walking a day can lead to a 41% drop in risk for erectile dysfunction. In the same vein, moderate exercises can restore sexual performance in over-weight men with erectile dysfunction.


  • Eat right. Natural foods like fruit, vegetables, whole grains is good for your fertility. Eating more of fish with less red and processed meat and refined grains reduces the your chances of suffering erectile dysfunction. Pomegranate, garlic, watermelons (including the white part) are good for erectile dysfunction treatment.


  • Kegel exercises: These exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. When combined with avoiding both primary and secondary smoking, losing weight, avoiding/limiting alcohol helps erectile dysfunction treatment.
Kegel exercises for erectile dysfunction cure
kegel exercise


What is the best herb for erectile dysfunction?

  • Panax ginseng, releases nitric oxide (NO) that helps erectile functions

Dosage: Take 900 milligrams of P. ginseng 3 times a day for 8 weeks.

  • A combination Yohimbine and L-arginine significantly improves erectile function in people with erectile dysfunction.


In the trials, participants received about 20 milligrams of yohimbine per day, throughout the day.

Commonly prescribed erectile dysfunction treatments include:



Cialis and



Other types of medication for erectile dysfunction include:

  • Self-injections.  Papaverine, alprostadil and phentolamine injected directly into the penis to achieve an erection that lasts for about 20 to 40 minutes.


  • Alprostadil urethral suppository. This therapy involves placing a tiny alprostadil suppository inside your penis. The erection usually starts within 10 minutes and lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.


  • Testosterone replacement. Some men have erectile dysfunction that might be complicated by low levels of the hormone testosterone. In this case, testosterone replacement therapy might be recommended as the first step.


If medications aren’t effective or appropriate in your case, your doctor might recommend a different treatment. Other treatments include:

  • Penis pumps, surgery and implants

This pump pulls blood into your penis. Once you get an erection, you slip a tension ring around the base of your penis to hold in the blood and keep it firm. You then remove the vacuum device. The erection typically lasts long enough for a couple to have sex.

  • Penile implants. This treatment involves surgically placing devices into both sides of the penis. The implants keep your penis firm but bendable.

Implants have a high degree of satisfaction among men who have tried and failed more-conservative therapies.


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  1. Hey Jemeka, Found your blog interesting. I read somewhere that around 61 percent of men with diabetes from 55 to 59 had ED. I appreciate the information and found it very useful. I’ll be sure to pass this along to my friend who is suffering from ED and keep it in mind to avoid it myself.


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