Conceive a baby boy

Best Day To Conceive A Boy After Periods

Irrespective of the gender, conceiving and having babies is magical. Indeed, babies are the most adorable gifts any couple could ever ask for. They more than adequately reward for whatever hassles that comes with marriage or coupling. However, for one reason or the other, we may want to select baby gender.


How to get pregnant with a baby boy: Failure proof method

Conceiving a baby boy by timing of intercourse and ovulation

Which is the best day to conceive a baby boy after periods?

Nutrition that supports conceiving a baby boy

General tips to help conceive a boy

Who determines the gender of a child?

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Some couples already have a baby girl and now want to conceive a baby boy. Others just think they prefer to conceive a baby boy in their first pregnancy. Yet some others are pressured by societal tradition to conceive a baby boy.

How to conceive a baby girl

Whatever your reason for wanting to conceive a baby boy, the question this article will answer is: how can I increase my chances of having a baby boy?

How to get pregnant with a baby boy: Failure proof method

The proven and cock-sure method of choosing baby gender before conception is through the IVF procedure. IVF involves combining a woman’s eggs with a man’s sperm in a lab. The prospective parents can choose what gender should be implanted in the woman’s womb.


With the IVF, you are cock-sure of conceiving a baby boy if you so desire. The problem here is that this procedure is quite costly.


Get pregnant with a baby boy naturally

By timing of intercourse around ovulation and diets

Natural methods for conceiving a baby boy have been tried by many, with as much as 75% claiming it worked. Applying natural methods for baby gender selection requires discipline. To conceive a baby boy naturally, the right timing of intercourse, the kind of foods you eat as well as other strategies has to be meticulously applied.


Which day after menstruation can I conceive a baby boy?

The key to conceiving a boy by timing is to know your ovulation date. Boy sperms swim faster than girl sperms. Therefore, if sperms are released in a woman around her ovulation day, the boy sperms overtake the girl sperms to fertilize the egg.

In other words, having sex around the day of your ovulation greatly increases your chances of conceiving a boy. Ovulation takes place 14 days before your next period commences.



Nutrition that supports conceiving a baby boy

Male sperms prefer an alkaline vaginal environment. This brings us to the relationship between diet and gender selection. A diet high in potassium, and sodium, favors the conception of a boy.

You can test your vaginal ph using Alkaline testing kits

To increase your chances of conceiving a baby boy, eat less spicy foods and foods containing vinegar and citrus juices. Avoid dairy foods like milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream.


Eat more foods containing potassium, such as bananas, berries, broccoli, potatoes, spinach and Brussels sprouts to increase your chances of conceiving a boy. For sodium, add Himalayan salt to your foods.


Bread, avocado, almonds, sprouts and wheatgrass, pine nuts and cherries are other foods that favour the conception of baby boys.


General tips that can help conceive a boy

  • Caffeine may help to give the boy sperm better chances of fertilizing the egg. An energy drink, cup of coffee or even some chocolate before intercourse is not a bad idea if you want to conceive a boy.
  • Your partner putting on tighter briefs can reduce the number of sperm that he produces. This can, in turn, increase the likelihood of conceiving a boy.


Who determines the gender of a child?

In some traditional societies, it is believed that it’s the woman that determines the gender of a child. Scientific findings have busted this myth. It is actually the man’s semen that determines whether a baby girl or boy is conceived.


It is a man’s gene that determines the sex of a baby. A man’s sperm is either carrying an X or Y chromosome. Whereas, a woman carries only an X chromosome. So, if a man’s sperm carrying an X chromosome combines with the mother’s X chromosome, they’ll make a baby girl (XX). Whereas, if the man’s sperm carries a Y chromosome it will combine with the mother’s X chromosome to make a boy (XY).

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