How To Reduce Sperm Leakage After Sex

From my knowledge of reproduction, I always believed that sperms naturally swim into the cervix upon ejaculation. So does sperm leakage from the vagina cause infertility? That is exactly what we’re gonna see right here.


Let’s understand the Sperm

Sperm leakage from the vagina is different from sperm motility

Is sperm leakage from the vagina why I can’t get pregnant?

Ways in which a woman can retain more semen in her:


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Infertility can be very challenging. Many people trying to conceive often get confused and blame there infertility on so many different factors. Many women trying to conceive have complained about sperm leakage from the vagina. They think it’s the reason why they have not conceived.



It is this quest to unravel the cause of infertility that pushes people to begin to wonder why there is sperm leakage from the vagina after sex. Ordinarily, you’ll expect some sperm, being liquid to flow in and out of the vagina after sex. Whenever the woman stands, it should be natural to have sperm leakage from the vagina.



get pregnantLet’s understand the Sperm

The liquid a man releases during sex is made up of 5% sperm and 95% of other liquids. What we refer to as sperm is actually semen. Therefore, sperm leakage from the vagina is actually semen leakage.



As you probably know, it’s the sperm that gets a woman pregnant. And sperms are not visible to the eyes. How then can we conclude that sperms leak out when sperms themselves are can’t be noticed with our naked eyes?



The point here is that once a man ejaculates deeply into the vagina, sperms will swim in to fertilize an egg. Whatever pours out after sex does not mean that sperms did not swim into the cervix.


ovulation and fertilizationSperm leakage from the vagina is different from sperm motility

Again, it’s expected that there should be some sperm leakage from the vagina. This is perfectly normal and should not be the cause of infertility. Sperm leakage from the vagina is not to be confused with sperm motility.



There is what is known as sperm motility. It is the ability of sperm to move efficiently. Sperm motility cannot be seen with the eyes. It can only be known though a semen analysis. Of course, poor sperm motility causes infertility.



I will elaborate further for better understanding and emphasis. When a fertile man releases semen during sex, there are about 20 to 400 million sperms in that ejaculate. Some of the ejaculate will naturally spill out in what you call sperm leakage from the vagina.



Some of the semen/ejaculate will naturally hang on in the vagina. Now, so long as semen was released into the vagina, sperms would swim into the cervix and to the fallopian tube where it can fertilize an egg.  Of the over 20 to 400 million sperms, all a woman needs to get conceive just is 1 sperm and bingo!



Is sperm leakage from the vagina why I can’t get pregnant?

No. In fact, you don’t have to lie down with your legs up after sex to get pregnant.  The fact that semen is leaking out afterwards, doesn’t decrease your chances of conceiving. Sperm leakage from the vagina does not prevent pregnancy if both partners are fertile.



Be that as it may, there are ways to ensure that more semen get to move into a woman’s fallopian tube. This will reduce Sperm leakage from the vagina of course but doesn’t guarantee a higher rate of fertility.



Ways in which a woman can retain more semen in her:


A research was carried out to study how much semen leaked out after sex. They discovered that when the female has orgasm before ejaculation, more semen was retained and less leaked from the vagina. If female orgasm happens after male ejaculation, less sperm was retained.



In other words, once a woman reaches orgasm during sex, her muscles suck in sperms that are released afterwards. Therefore the woman’s body draws in more sperms when the man releases sperm after the woman reaches orgasm.


When the woman has orgasm first, afterwards (between 1 to 45 minutes later), the man ejaculates = more semen get sucked into the woman.


Lying down for 15 minutes

While there is no evidence that lying down after sex increases the chances of conceiving, for Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), involving the artificial insemination of sperm directly into the womb, lying down for 15 minutes increases the chances of conception.

To reduce sperm leakage from the vagina, it is better to  lie down for 15 minutes before standing and moving about. Yet, there is no evidence that shows that this increases chances of getting pregnant.



Raise your bum with a pillow

Gravity can help semen travel better towards your fallopian tube when you tuck a pillow under your bum after sex. Staying in this position for 15 minutes will reduce sperm leakage from the vagina



Put legs up on wall gravity will also assist the movement of sperm towards your fallopian tube.



Like I mentioned earlier, these gravity aided methods have not been proven to enhance conception through sexual intercourse. But they’ll help the movement of semen into the fallopian tube.



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