how to overcome delayed ejaculation

Delayed Ejaculation Treatment

Delayed ejaculation is the difficulty or inability of a man to have orgasm and ejaculate semen. This topic; “how to overcome delayed ejaculation” is rather a weird one for most men. I mean, most of the problems men have with ejaculation is not how to overcome delayed ejaculation. It’s almost always “how to overcome premature ejaculation”.



Causes of delayed ejaculation.

How to overcome delayed ejaculation: life style changes, psychological therapy and medication.

Using medication to overcome delayed ejaculation.



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But, up to 3% of men do need information on how to overcome delayed ejaculation. If you are one of them, you are in the right place. Whereas, delayed ejaculation is great for many couples, others need information on how to overcome it. This is because delayed ejaculation sometimes contributes to infertility.


As a matter of fact, I have met a couple whose fertility treatment was compounded by the man’s delayed ejaculation. Even when he needed to provide samples of his semen, delayed ejaculation became an embarrassing obstacle.


As per what duration of sexual activity without is orgasm is regarded as delayed, there is no hard and fast rule. However, if while having penetrative sex for over 30 minutes you can’t ejaculate, you may be having a delayed ejaculation.


This is more so, if you and your partner aren’t happy about it. It becomes even an infertility problem if as a result; you can’t get your partner pregnant.


Note that delayed ejaculation is considered a problem only if it has lingered for say 6 months. It will be rather silly to worry about how to overcome delayed ejaculation if it happened just a few times over a long period.


In discussing how to overcome delayed ejaculation, I will show you the known causes of this condition.


Delayed ejaculation is traceable to psychological and/or physical/biological problems. Sometimes, it is a permanent condition. But most times, delayed ejaculation is experienced as a new phenomenon, after a period of normal function.


Causes of delayed ejaculation:

  • Side effects of certain drugs: Delayed ejaculation may be a side effect of antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, medication for blood pressure such as Beta Blockers, antipsychotic drugs, muscle relaxants, strong painkillers like tramadol, recreational drugs, steroids and alcohol.


  • Physical causes: Some of the conditions that can contribute to delayed ejaculation are: Diabetes, Multiple sclerosis, Spinal cord injury, Bladder and prostate surgery.


  • Getting older can decrease the sensitivity to sexual stimulation. Of course, this can cause delays in getting an erection as well as ejaculation.


Psychological causes: If you are able to ejaculate normally when masturbating, but experience a delay during sex with a partner, it is likely a psychological problem.

Some psychological factors that may underlie delayed ejaculation include:

  • Early life abuse, neglect by parents, bad sexual upbringing.
  • Religious beliefs, perhaps that sex is sinful.
  • Performance anxiety that interrupts the process of sexual stimulation.
  • Certain types masturbation that cannot be matched by sexual intercourse.


How to overcome delayed ejaculation: life style changes, psychological therapy and medication.

  • If it is as a result of side effects of a drug, an alternative drug may be prescribed.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol. Reducing or eliminating your alcohol intake may help.
  • If there are other medical conditions whose symptom is delayed ejaculation, managing the primary condition, such as a neurological problem, may help resolve the delayed ejaculation.


There is no single intervention that works for all sufferers of premature ejaculation. You just need to define the source of the problem and to use the right therapy to deal with the psychological factors contributing to it.


As a general rule, the following strategies may be helpful:
  • Don’t make ejaculation or orgasm your sole goal during sex. Enjoy the entire process, and worry less about how it’ll end.
  • If you experience delayed ejaculation only with your partner try to stimulate yourself to orgasm with your partner being involved in that process.
  • Discuss with your partner, how delayed ejaculation makes you feel, either with a partner or a trusted friend. Such discussion can help you relax and lead to more trust and openness, a lack of which could exacerbate the problem.


Using medication to overcome delayed ejaculation

Drugs with reported effectiveness include:

Cyproheptadine (Periactin), an allergy medication

Amantadine (Symmetrel), a drug used to treat Parkinson’s

Buspirone (Buspar), an anti-anxiety medication


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