Severe ovulation pains

How To Detect Severe Ovulation Pain

Ovulation is central to the fertility of a woman. Ordinarily, It is a good sign of fertility. That you have slight pains during ovulation of course, wouldn’t call for palliatives. However, for some women, the pains are actually severe.  It becomes a bit of a worry when the severe ovulation pain occurs every month. The discomforting pain can last between a few minutes to a day or two.



Causes of non-severe ovulation pains.

Symptoms of severe ovulation pain.

How to distinguish between ovulation pains and pains that aren’t caused by ovulation

Severe ovulation pains on one side.

Problems that can cause extreme ovulation pains.

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A non-severe ovulation pain is often not a cause for alarm. However, when the pain is severe, it may be a sign of other underlying problems.


But where the pain continues for several days and is excruciating, it may not be severe ovulation pain. It could be something different. Menstrual cramping that occurs right before or during a period is not ovulation pain.


I will help to distinguish between pains that is ovulation related and pains that aren’t. I’m also gonna show you what causes the non-severe ovulation pains as well as what causes severe ovulation pains.


Causes of non-severe ovulation pains

What is the exact cause of this harmless ovulation pain is not clear, but experts have postulated the following:

  • When a woman’s body is producing eggs for ovulation. It is thought that ovulation pain is caused by the expanding follicle stretching the ovary


  • The egg bursting forth after the production process is complete. The egg matures and is ruptured from the follicle. The blood or fluids produced in this process may trigger pain


If the ovulation pain is not severe, it shouldn’t cause you any worries. My aim in this write up is to give you tips about dealing with the pains that are severe.


We’ll soon take a look at some effective treatments for severe ovulation pains. Before that, I’ll show you the some common symptoms of the condition. This should help distinguish between severe ovulation pains and other pains that are not necessarily ovulation related.


Symptoms of severe ovulation pain

Of course, different women suffering severe ovulation pains would have varied symptoms of the condition. However, the most common symptoms are stated below.

  • These pains appear in the middle of a menstrual cycle. If your cycle lasts for 28 days, the pains will typically be felt on the 14th day.
  • Ovulation pain ranges from a mild twinge to severe discomfort. The mild twinges like i mentioned earlier shouldn’t bother you at all.
  • It usually last from minutes to hours.
  • The pains are usually felt on one side of the belly.
  • Severe ovulation pains might be accompanied by little blood spotting or discharge from the vagina.
  • The pains at times come with nausea.
  • Severe ovulation pains may feel like a cramp or a stabbing.


How to distinguish between ovulation pains and pains that aren’t caused by Ovulation

  • When the pain is felt on both sides of the body, it isn’t an ovulation pain.
  • If it keeps getting worse and lasts for several days, it’s not ovulation related.
  • When the pain comes with a with vaginal bleeding that is as much as menstrual bleeding, that’s not an ovulation pain.
  • IF it’s also accompanied by painful urination, it isn’t an ovulation pain.


Severe ovulation pains on one side

Severe ovulation pains can be experienced in the lower abdomen, on the right or on the on left side. The pains could shift from one side to the other during different menstrual cycles. It could also remain on one side for a couple of cycles.


Problems that can cause extreme ovulation pains are: endometriosis, scar tissue and sexually transmitted infections.



Endometriosis a condition in which the tissue that lines the womb grow in other areas of the body. Some people with endometriosis suffer intense menstrual cramps. They may have pain throughout their menstrual cycle or very irregular menstrual periods.

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Scar tissue

Scar tissues from a surgery you underwent can cause ovulation pain by restricting the ovaries and surrounding structures.


Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

Sexually transmitted diseases can result in inflammation and scarring around the Fallopian tubes, causing ovulation pain.


Severe ovulation pain treatment

It can be treated just as you would treat any other regular aches and pains. You can seek your doctors advise.  But you can apply home remedies as:

  • Taking pain-relief tablets. Over the counter drugs like paracetamol will help.
  • Applying a heating pad to your lower abdomen. You’ll find this soothing.
  • Taking a hot bath.
  • Using anti-inflammatory medication.
  • Taking birth control pills to stop ovulation from occurring. Of course, if you don’t ovulate, you won’t have severe ovulation pains.


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