Chances Of Conceiving After Nuristerate.

Sex is one of nature’s amazing gifts to humanity. The things that put people off sex are issues like unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Nuristerate has over 97% success rate in keeping unwanted pregnancy at bay. But afterwards, couples (wanting to conceive) have to deal with getting pregnant after Nuristerate.


What Nuristerate does to your body.

Chances of getting pregnant after stopping the use of Nuristerate

Side effects of Nuristerate.

When did users of Nuristerate conceive after stopping the injection?

How soon do you ovulate after stopping Nuristerate?

Tips for returning to fertility fast.

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You know by now that Nuristerate injection is a short-term method of contraception/birth control. It prevents a woman from ovulating for 2 months. The snag with enjoying sex after using contraceptives is that some women worry about the effect of the drug on their fertility.


It is this fear that I want to dispel in this write-up. As it is with other birth control drugs, women using it want to be sure of getting pregnant after Nuristerate. For a woman who has always been fertile, getting pregnant after Nuristerate has never been in doubt.


From past experience, as long as you were fertile before taking the injection, your fertility will remain intact after some weeks after stopping the injection.Understanding how Nuristerate works to prevent pregnancy helps you to see that there is absolutely no reason to worry about the possibility of getting pregnant after Nuristerate.


What Nuristerate does to your body

What Nuristerate does to a woman’s body is protection against conception. Nuristerate ovulation and fertilizationprimarily alters the vaginal juice and hinders the ascent of sperm into the womb.


Furthermore, Nuristerate triggers something in your body that simply won’t allow ovulation take place for 8 weeks. Repeating the injection after the first 8 weeks gives you another 8 weeks of birth control.


In other words, Nuristerate apart from stopping sperms from fertilizing the egg, prevents ovulation from taking place. This makes the injection double effective. Of course, the effectiveness of Nuristerate is not in doubt. Its the question of quickly returning to fertility that you probably want to ascertain.


There have been some effective birth control drugs that after their use, seemed to over-delay some women’s return to fertility. Some women had reported waiting for several months before returning to fertility after taking certain birth control drugs.

Chances of getting pregnant after stopping the use of Nuristerate.

There certainly have been studies that show the likelihood of getting pregnant after Nuristerate.

A study on the conception rate among women trying to get pregnant after Nuristerate was conducted. The study found that women that never used Nuristerate and those that had used it had similar success rates in getting pregnant.


In other words, the rate of pregnancy among non users of Nuristerate did not differ from those of women that used of Nuristerate (once an 8-week period for the clearance of the injection from the body had elapsed).


That is to say that after the 8 week period when the effect of Nuristerate is supposed to wane, women that used the injection had same fertility rate as women that never used the injection.


What are the side effects of Nuristerate?

The most common side effects of Nuristerate are:

Irregular or heavier menstruation, Spotting, Delayed period, Nausea, Weight gain, Headaches, Dizziness, Rash and itch at the injection site.


When did users of Nuristerate conceive after stopping the injection?

A study was conducted on how soon one can get pregnant after Nuristerate. It was found that the average time stoppers of Nuristerate conceived was about 170 days.

The study did not say how early the women began to try to get pregnant. It simply shows when they got pregnant. Therefore, this does not invalidate the earlier statement that fertility after Nuristerate can return after 8 weeks of taking the last shot.


How soon do you ovulate after stopping Nuristerate?

The same study I mentioned earlier found that women return to ovulation just over 80 days from when they took the injection. In other words, after the 8 week period that Nuristerate works to prevent pregnancy, women returned to ovulation in an average of about 20 days.


Tips for returning to fertility fast.


So you can see, there aren’t any special rules to observe in tying to get pregnant after Nuristerate. What I stated above are some of the ways of conceiving fast with or without Nuristerate.

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