tips for sex and getting pregnant

How Can I Easily Get Pregnant?

It is that something special shared by couples. Sex, despite its pivotal place in relationships is discussed in hushed tones. Yet, sex is the factory of baby making. It therefore makes sense for couples trying for babies to learn tips for sex and getting pregnant.



Keep your sex life from becoming rote

Gourmet sex is used to boost the fertility of pigs!!

How long should you hold sperm inside the vagina to get pregnant?

How often should you have sex to get pregnant?

What time of day is best to get pregnant?

Does urine wash out sperms?

Can a woman get pregnant if she’s on top of the man?

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If you’ve been trying to conceive, it’s likely that you’ve heard a couple of tips for sex and getting pregnant. But, I will share a very effective tip that should invigorate your sex life.


You know by now that if you’ve been trying to conceive for over a year, sex becomes a bit business-like. Some even lose the fun part of love-making as they are focused on conceiving.



My aim of sharing these tips is to inspire couples to have fun while enhancing their chances of conceiving. I’ll also answer common questions regarding sex and getting pregnant.


Researches show that men produce more sperm when feeling more aroused. In the same vein, women who are sexually aroused secrete more cervical fluids.


The quantity of sperms and cervical fluids may not necessarily be the magic wand for conceiving. Yet, there are couples for whom these increased quantities can help tip the balance in their favor.


You may have read that some women have a tough time getting wet for easy intercourse. This condition may be more prevalent in women whose sex life is just focused on conceiving. Unfortunately, some lubricants aren’t good for sperm life.


My tips for sex and getting pregnant will surely be useful in getting out those cervical fluids naturally. I’m now gonna get your brains reset for fantastic sex while improving your odds of conceiving.


Take a dip into one of the most effective tips for sex and getting pregnant.

Put your energy into having the wild, uninhibited sex of your early days together. It is also called “gourmet sex”. It implies that both partners take time to ensure the other has a thoroughly satisfying sexual experience.


When trying to conceive, keep your sex life from becoming rote.

The sex should be as wild and thrilling as it was when you weren’t thinking about babies. Researchers have found that this gives couples the maximum possible chance of having a baby.

Gourmet sex for getting pregnant


An extra 5 minutes of sexual activity before ejaculation can release up to 50% more sperms than usual. Research also shows that the extra sperm released are of a higher standard. This means that there is a greater chance of the sperm and egg fusing to create a new life.



According to Dr Joanna Ellington, a reproductive physiologist, the more excited men are, the more they draw on reserves of sperm. Therefore couples should practice ‘gourmet sex’ by really spending time to pleasure your partner. This is going to make the man more stimulated and he’s gonna ejaculate more and healthier sperms.


It was also discovered that the intensity of the muscular contractions a woman has during an orgasm can help suck up the sperm into the uterus.


Gourmet sex is used to boost the fertility of pigs!!

Danish researchers found that female pigs sexually stimulated by humans during artificial insemination had a six percent increase in fertility.


Tips for having “gourmet sex”

Spice up your reasons for making out. Determine to get your partner utterly satisfied.


Make sex an opportunity for you both to feel good in addition to conceiving. Get more oral sex than usual. Spend time making out like crazy fun loving teens.


Question and answer tips for sex & getting pregnant

How long should you hold sperm inside the vagina to get pregnant?

Immediately after ejaculation, about sixty-five percent of sperms are already swimming to womb. Just about thirty-five percent will fall off. Therefore, you don’t need to do anything to keep sperms inside you. They swim regardless of your position.


How often should you have sex to get pregnant?

3 times a week guarantees that whenever you are fertile, there are sperms to fertilize the eggs. But you could just have sex everyday during your  most fertile days. That is about 4 days before ovulation.


Mind you ovulation is 14 days before your next period begins.


 For the most fertile days to get pregnant, check this out


What time of day is best to get pregnant?

There is no scientific evidence that certain times of the day guarantees getting pregnant. While fertility is not necessarily enhanced by any specific time of the day, it may be more convenient to have sex whenever you are more rested than when you’re fatigued.


Does urine wash out sperms?

No. Your urine and the sperm do not pass through the same tube. Therefore, urinating after sex does not flush out sperms. Once a man ejaculates, most of his sperms immediately swims towards the womb.


Can a woman get pregnant if she’s on top of the man?

Certainly, yes. Sperms are very good swimmers. They’ll do what they have to do regardless of sexual positions. Of course, sex positions that help sperms swim faster may be slightly advantageous. Positions like the doggy style helps deliver sperms to through the cervix faster. But there’s no rock solid evidence that this increases the chances of getting pregnant.


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