Tips For C-Section Recovery

Whether through vaginal birth or a cesarean delivery, the good feelings brought by the childbirth are beyond words. Yet the responsibilities kick in and often crowd the good feelings. If you had a C-section, you’ll also get busy with home remedies for cesarean recovery.



How safe is C-section?

How painful is the C section recovery process?

Side effects of cesarean delivery

When can I start walking after a C section delivery?

How do I care for my C section incision?

How can I get my c section to heal faster?

When can I get pregnancy after C section?


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By now you know that Cesarean delivery or C-section is a situation where a baby comes out of the womb through a cut in the mother’s belly and womb instead of passing through the vagina.


The home remedies for C-section I’m going to be sharing with you should make your recovery quit speedy and less stressful. Such information does give you an edge in that you’ll avoid some ignorant mistakes people make during recovery. You’ll also feel more in control of your health as you follow my C-section recovery guides.

Preparing For Baby Arrival

How safe is C-section?

For your information, C-section accounts for about 33% of births in the United States. Though they are generally considered safe, C-sections do have more risks than vaginal births. Also, moms who had vaginal births can go home sooner and do recover faster.

In answering the question: How safe is C-section? I will remind you that the reason for C- section is to save the lives of the mother and baby when Vaginal birth poses a threat. In situations where vaginal births pose too much risks, C-sections are safer than vaginal births.


How painful is the C section recovery process?

Of course, you’ll feel some soreness around the incision, and you may be bleeding or experience some discharge for about 6 weeks after the C-section. The fact remains that the pains associated with C-section recovery are relatively little compared with the dangers the mother was to pass through during a risky vaginal birth.


Side effects of Cesarean delivery?

The side effects of cesarean delivery will not be exactly the same for every woman, But the commonest reported side effects are: Fever, Pain around the scar, Vaginal bleeding, Redness around the scar, Swelling of the surgical incision, Breast pain with redness, Bad smelling vaginal discharge, Pain when passing urine.


When can I start walking after C section delivery?

The surgery is such that isn’t gonna keep you in bed for a long time. Within the first 12 hours after the delivery, you’ll be encouraged to walk around and to eat some light food. For many, it will take up to six weeks to fully recover.

After your cesarean delivery, you can expect to be discharged from the hospital after 2-3 days with your new baby.



How do I care for wound from the C section ?

Let’s take a look at helpful home remedies for cesarean recovery:

  • Keep it clean. Let soapy water drip down your wound when you take your bath. Of course, you can’t scrub the wound vigorous yet. While toweling your body, pat the wound gently.
  • You could apply a topical antibiotic or petroleum jelly and cover the wound with a light bandage;
  • Some prefer to apply nothing and leave the wound uncovered. Your doctor will have an opinion about which is best for your scar.
  • Air it out. You can wear a loose gown at night to get the air circulating around the scar.
  • Avoid your usual exercise. As much as you can, avoid bending or twisting your body or making sudden movements. Don’t carry anything weightier than your baby.
  • Get moving. Stay active. Increased blood flow does help the healing process. Once you feel up to it, take your baby in a stroller and have a walk around your neighborhood.


How can I get my C section to heal faster?

  • Eat lots of fiber and fluids to overcome constipation which is one of the most common post C-section complaints.
  • Take plenty of fluids.
  • Eat highly nutritious meals.
  • Be faithful with your vitamin intake.
  • Get enough rest rest.

Please call a doctor in the event of experiencing the following symptoms: redness, swelling, or pus oozing from the scar.


Pregnancy after C section

Is it harder to get pregnant after C section?

Most women do not have trouble conceiving after having a C section. Yet, Roughly 20% of women who had C section delivery said said it was difficult to get pregnant after C section. In contrast only 5% of women who had vaginal deliveries by the help of instruments like forceps said it was difficult getting pregnant.


When can I get pregnant after cesarean?

It all depends on how your health is and what your doctor advises. It’s better to wait for a minimum of 6 months after your C section before becoming pregnant again. Yet, some doctors advise women to wait 18 to 24 months after a C section delivery.


What happens if you get pregnant right after a C section?

It is better you give sufficient time for the wound to heal fully. Conceiving less than 6 months after a C-section can cause complications, such as a tear in the womb or a low birth weight baby.


Is it safe to have normal delivery after C section?

At least 60% of women who had a C section delivery later had a successful vaginal delivery. Yet, the decision to have a vaginal delivery after a C section is a delicate one. Your doctor will assess your health and that of the baby in order to help you decide.

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