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Treatment Of Blocked Fallopian Tubes


Treatment Of Painful Menstruation.


Treatment Of Blocked Fallopian Tubes

If you are trying to conceive for over a year now, it is likely that you’ve done some medical tests to ascertain why. I am gonna share some fantastic information about treatment of blocked fallopian tubes.


Fallopian tubes are 2 tunes connected to the two sides of your womb. The tubes carry mature eggs and traveling sperms. Blockage in the fallopian tubes prevents eggs and sperms from meeting each other for fertilization and conception. This blockage can happen either in one fallopian tube or in both tubes.


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Symptoms of blocked fallopian tubes

There may not be any symptom of blockage in the fallopian tubes. But in some cases caused by infection some symptoms of a blocked fallopian tube are:

  • Unusual discharge fro the vagina
  • Pain in the lower stomach
  • The best way to know whether your fallopian tube is blocked is to go for a HSG test.


Common causes of fallopian tube blockage are:

Pelvic inflammation diseases, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, surgery of fallopian tubes, ectopic pregnancy, and endometriosis.


Treatment of a blocked fallopian tube

Of course, if you have money, you can get pregnant inspite of the blocked fallopian tube through IVF. You can also undergo a surgical operation to fix the problem. Experts can also remove the blockage through some other medical procedure.


Home remedies for treatment of blocked fallopian tubes

If you do not have the money for medical solutions, I will discuss home remedies for the treatment of a blocked fallopian tube right away.

  • Ginger, cinnamon and turmeric can help by increasing the blood flow and help opening the fallopian tube. You can make tea out of these herbs and drink
  • Stop smoking
  • Tackle stress through meditation, yoga and kegel exercises.
  • Eat fresh antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables like berries and green leafy vegetables
  • Coffee and tea have loads of antioxidants that also help with freeing up the tubes.



Treatment Of Painful Menstruation

Menstruation is the process whereby the womb that did not get implanted with a fertilized egg sheds its lining. The lining was meant to help receive and nurture fertilized egg. It is usually painful. But when the pain can’t let you go to school or work, then you need treatment for painful menstruation.



What causes painful menstruation?

  • Family history of painful menstruation
  • Irregular periods
  • Being under 20 years
  • Puberty before age 11

At times, it can also be caused by Endometriosis, fibroids and infection.


 Home remedies for treatment of painful menstruation

For mild cramps and pain, over the counter pain relief tablets can be helpful. But for more serious and inconveniencing pain, women who don’t want to conceive within 2 years use contraceptives.


I am gonna share natural remedies for treatment of painful menstruation right away.


  • Aerobic exercise and yoga are excellent home remedies for painful menstruation.
  • Vitamins E, B1, b6 and fish oil supplements are very beneficial home remedies for painful menstruation.
  • Heating pads or a warm bath can be as effective as ibroprofen tablets
  • Sleep


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