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What Foods Produce Sperm Fast?

One of the most fascinating functions of our bodies is the ability to produce offspring. This awesome ability of our bodies is something most people desperately want to experience.

You may be asking to know how to increase sperm count naturally because conception is of paramount importance to you right now. If you’ve regularly had intercourse for a year without a pregnancy, then there is likely an infertility issue.


Can a man with zero sperm count get a woman pregnant?

Increase sperm count using supplements

How to increase sperm count by food

Increase sperm count by lifestyle changes

Aerobic and Anaerobic exercises improve sperms

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Close to 30% of infertility in couples are traced to male infertility. One of the most common causes is a low sperm count. That is why I’m sharing vital information on how to increase sperm count naturally.

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Sperm count actually refers to the number of sperm cells in a given amount of semen.

You’ll have a normal sperm count when you give your body the correct materials and environment. If you have a low sperm count, I’m gonna show right away, you to increase sperm count naturally. By giving your body the best raw materials and optimum conditions, male infertility can be naturally cured.


Can a man with zero sperm count get a woman pregnant?

When a man has no sperm in his semen he has a condition known as Azoospermia. It happens to about 1 out of 100 men and 15 out of 100 infertile men.


It is caused by a problem that keeps the testicles from producing sperm or a condition that stops sperm from getting out of the body.


In answering the question; Can a man with zero sperm count get a woman pregnant? I’ll give you sure tips on how to increase sperm count naturally through 3 broad methods:

  • The use of sperm count supplements
  • How to increase sperm count by food
  • Lifestyle changes to increase sperm count


How to increase sperm count using supplements

  • Black seed oil has been effectively used to increase sperm count. It improves sperm movement, increases sperm count as well as semen volume. Take 2.5 mL of black seed oil twice daily for 2 months.


  • Folic Acid and Zinc: An adequate intake of folic acid and zinc increases sperm count. It was found that people with lower levels of folic acid and Zinc stood a higher risk of having abnormality in their sperms. Take 5 mg of folic acid tablets per day and 50 mg of zinc sulfate per day for 6 months.
Ginseng for sperm count
  • Ginseng: Clinical studies have shown that taking ginseng supplements increases sperm count as well as sperm motility in men. It protects sperms, increases sperm count, reduces sperm death and abnormalities and improves sperm motility.

How much ginseng should I take daily?

Take of 500 mg of American ginseng per day.


  • Horse chestnut (Escin) is a safe and very effective supplement that treats the problem of low sperm count in males. Take 300mg of Horse chestnut capsule (containing 50mg of Escin) twice daily for 2 months.


  • L-carnitine: Higher carnitine and acetyl-carnitine concentrations have been found in semen of fertile men compared to infertile men (2). Oral carnitine increases sperm motility as well as sperm count. Take 3g/day of oral carnitine for 4 months.


  • Coenzyme Q10: Coenzyme Q10 also known as CoQ10, is an antioxidant present in all human cells. Recent research found that the impregnation rate of men who took a daily dose of Coenzyme Q10 doubled compared to the men not taking Coenzyme Q10.

How much Coenzyme Q10 should I take daily for fertility?

90–200 mg of Coenzyme Q10 per day is recommended.


How to increase sperm count by food

Men who eat more of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meat have healthier sperms than those who eat more of processed foods like pizza, processed meat and other processed snacks.

Spinach good for sperm count

Eating foods rich in specific compounds and chemicals allows the body to use them more efficiently than supplements. Increase your sperm count naturally by consuming the following sperm-friendly foods:

  1. Eggs
  2. Spinach
  3. Bananas
  4. Dark Chocolate
  5. Asparagus
  6. Broccoli
  7. Pomegranates
  8. Walnuts
  9. Garlic


Increase sperm count by lifestyle changes

  1. Exercise and sleep: Obesity and inadequate sleep increases the chances of experiencing male infertility. Men who spend time exercising outdoors tended to have a normal sperm count. Whereas those living a sedentary lifestyle stand a higher risk of having a low sperm count.

However, excessive exercise especially with cycling, jogging and mountain climbing can have negative effects on fertility. This may be as a result of scrotum movements or hormonal changes caused by stress.


Exercise for Sperm production

261 men were allocated to one of the following four programmes:

  1. no exercise
  2. three sessions a week of high intensity interval training (10 one-minute bursts of very fast running with a short recovery period between each bout)
  3. three sessions a week of moderate exercise (30 minutes on a treadmill)
  4. three sessions a week of intense exercise (about an hour on a treadmill)


Results showed that Exercise boosted sperm quantity and quality, with moderate exercise showing the best results for sperm quantity and quality.


Men in all three exercise groups lost weight and with a improvements in sperm test results compared with those who did no exercise over the trial period.


However, one week after exercise stopped, sperm count, shape and concentration went back to normal levels. Sperm Motility returned to its previous rates after one month.


Aerobic exercise, also known as endurance exercise or cardio, (which increases your heart rate and breathing frequency) and Anaerobic exercise, also known as resistance exercise or strength training, (which works on strengthening your muscles, joints, and bones with e.g. weight lifting or resistance band workouts) both have a positive effect on semen quality and reproductive hormones.


The studies also showed that men engaging in either Anaerobic exercise and Anaerobic exercise, increased the chances of pregnancy with their partner.


Importantly, doing exercise increased the chances of pregnancy with their partner


As regards sleep, men sleeping for 7 to 8 hours a night are more likely to impregnate their partners than those sleeping less than 6 hours. Men sleeping more than 9 hours are also found to be less fertile than those sleeping for 7 to 8 hours.


  1. Effects of stress on sperm count: Prolonged emotional stress can reduce your sperm count. Couples are therefore advised to reduce stress several months before trying to conceive. This includes keeping reasonable work hours, reducing travel, eating healthy and regularly, exercising and spending time in nature to relax as well as developing a close relationship with your partner.


  1. Avoid excessive alcohol use & Stop smoking: To increase your sperm count, you are advised to quit smoking. In this regard, second hand smoking (staying around and inhaling someone else’s smoke) is almost as bad as first hand smoking. The chemicals in cigarettes can cause damage to sperms which affects a future child’s health.

Drinking alcohol can reduce your sperm count. As expected, heavy drinking does even more damage to your sperm count.


  1. Avoid or limit exposure to environmental or occupational toxins and contaminants. Poor air quality and toxic chemical exposure have frequently been linked to reduced sperm health and total count.


Each of the sperm count booster tips discussed here has solved countless low sperm count and male infertility problems. Applying any of them (that is relevant to your situation) for up to 90 days, is sure to definitely increase your sperm count.


So, Can a man with zero sperm count get a woman pregnant? By practicing the tips shared on this page, a man with zero sperm count could eventually get a woman pregnant.

For further reading: https://www.cdc.gov/reproductivehealth/infertility/index.htm


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