As I’m believing God to have children, God’s promise to me is true

Hello dear friends, I am Apostle and Bible teacher Nnamdi Nnorom of Fountain of Life International, a bible teaching ministry based in Atlanta Georgia.


In this session I want to share with you why we can trust God, why we can believe his promises and we can believe that what he promised us is true. What gives me that assurance, that rock solid guarantee that every promise of God is gonna come to pass.


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In the book of Hebrews 6: 16-18, he speaks about two things that God gives us as assurance. He speaks about the promise of God and the oath of God. The oath of God means that God is saying to us that if he doesn’t keep to his word he will literally cease to exist.


That is what an oath means. God could not swear by anybody so he swore by himself. What does that mean, that means that we can be rock solid sure that God is not gonna commit suicide. Every promise of God, God is going to keep it. God is going to watch over it to the end.


The bible also says in that scripture, in verse 18, that it is impossible for God to lie. It is impossible for God to lie. God does not have the capability within himself to lie or not to keep his word. That means that whenever we come to God, we can come with boldness, with confidence.


The bible says in Hebrews 4 also that we should come boldly to the throne of grace. That we will grace and help in the time of need. H said we should come boldly, with confidence, come knowing that it is impossible for God to lie. Come knowing that the God who has promised us is a God who is not going to die, but is gonna keep his word.


The Bible says: “forever oh lord, your word is settled in heaven. Every promise of God, every word of God is guaranteed, fully backed by heaven and the Bible says it is impossible for God to lie.


That gives my faith a solid foundation. That gives my faith a place to rely on. That means that even in this season as I’m believing God to get pregnant, to have children, God’s promise to me is true. And I can be sure of it.


God bless you. I will see you again next time. This is Apostle and teacher Nnamdi forn Fountain of Faith International. Be blessed





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