A 68-year-old woman successfully had a set of twins at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Nigeria


Perhaps the oldest woman to have twins in Nigeria, this is a true miracle and should be celebrated by all of humanity. Imagine how many women trying to conceive that will be inspired by the news of a 68 years old woman giving birth to twins. Not just one baby or one gender but two babies, male and female.


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Though she achieved it through IVF, it non-the-less is a remarkable miracle of triumph over decades of infertility! It goes to show the power of persistence and the exploits of scientific research as well as the wonders of God!


Wasiu Adeyemo, the Chairman of medical advisory council (CMAC) in Lagos University Teaching Hospital, broke the news on Sunday. In a statement shared via LUTH’s Twitter page, Wasiu Adeyemo said the woman (names with held for her privacy) got pregnant for the first time with the aid of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). After 37 weeks of pregnancy, she was delivered of the babies on April 14, through an elective caesarean section (C-section).


Woman gives birth after 13 years without seeing her period


“LUTH has successfully delivered a sixty-eight (68) year old primigravida (pregnant for the first time) with twin (a male and a female) gestation (pregnancy) following an IVF conception. She was delivered through an elective caesarean section at 37 weeks gestation on Tuesday April 14, 2020,” the statement read.

Great news amidst the COVID19 Pandemic:


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Wasiu Adeyemo, Chairman of CMAC explained that the IVF procedure and embryo transfer were done at a separate hospital. The case was later referred to Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) during the early stage of the pregnancy where it was consequently managed until this successful C-section delivery.




According to him, this is the first of its kind in LUTH, Nigeria and Africa, adding that both the mother and babies are in a good state.


“The IVF procedure and embryo transfer were done at an outside facility. She was thereafter referred to LUTH at early gestation and managed till term. This is the first in LUTH, Nigerian and Africa! Mother and babies are well,” the statement added.


In a similar miraculous medical feat, a 74 years old woman was delivered of twins (2 girls) in India, last year (2019).


Mangayamma Yaramati pursued in vitro fertilization (IVF) after years of trying to conceive. She gave birth via cesarean section, and was put in intensive care “to come out of the stress” of child birth at such an advanced maternal age.


Mangayamma went for IVF after a neighbor in her 50s became pregnant through the method, said Uma Shankar.

Yaramati said that not having a child gave her a feeling of guilt. She said that people looked at her with accusing eyes as if she had committed a sin,” she said to the Times of India.




Its been said severally that IVF was not so successful amongst women over the age of 35. These mind blowing testimonies may be uncommon, yet they may be as a result of improvements in the IVF technology. At this rate, women over the ages of 35 could start to experience higher success rates with IVF.


Keeping our fingers crossed!!!!


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