What Should You Do In The Early Stages Of Pregnancy?

For couples wanting to conceive, the early stages of pregnancy come with exhilarating feelings of hope and fortune. Couples not quite ready may have apprehensions in the early stages of pregnancy. Whatever may be your peculiar situation, we’re gonna be looking at: “what should you do in the early stages of pregnancy.

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What care should be taken during the first three months of pregnancy?

What to eat in the early stages of pregnancy.

What kinds of exercises are safe during pregnancy?

                                                             Get help in case of depression/extreme                                                                           moodiness.


The early stages of pregnancy refer to the first trimester of your pregnancy. In other words, your first 3 months of carrying that little person in your womb. The early stages of pregnancy is when a lot of women experience fatigue, nausea and vomiting, feeling bloated and breast tenderness.

Early signs of pregnancy before a missed period

Early stages of pregnancy are also associated with breasts becoming larger and tenderer. The nipples and areola (the circle around the nipples) may darken and veins may become more visible.


What care should be taken during the first three months of pregnancy?

  • Arrange an appointment with your doctor

    Of course, the first thing you should do in the early stages of pregnancy is to visit your medical practitioner. You’ll typically see your doctor once a month in this early stage of pregnancy. This is not to say that getting pregnant is sort of a sickly condition.


In fact, in some countries like the Netherlands, the attitude towards pregnancy is that it’s just natural and normal. They do not think that giving birth requires an elaborate medical attention. Hence most Dutch women give birth at home, under the supervision of a midwife.


  • Take folic acid and Vitamin D supplements

    Taking at least, 400mg of Folic Acid strengthens your baby’s immunity against infections and disease later in life. This essential vitamin is very important for bone health and immunity. Vitamin D is very important for bone health and immunity.


  • Check before taking medicines

    Be sure to inquire from health practitioners about the suitability of any drug you are taking. This is important as some medicines can terminate a pregnancy.


  • Get relief from morning sickness

    Instead of taking large meals at once, eat little quantities but eat often. Crackers and plain biscuits could also come handy.


  • Call your doctor in case of severe cramps with bleeding


  • If you do a strenuous job you need to get advice from your doctor about what adjustments to make


  • Quit smoking. Smoking and secondhand smoking both endanger your baby. It can result in miscarriage or premature labor.


 Quit alcohol intake. At least in your early stages of pregnancy, avoid alcohol as it’s not clear how safe alcohol is to the baby.


 Reduce Caffeine intake. Do not take more than 2 cups of coffee or 200mg of caffeine a day. Excess caffeine can increase your risk of miscarriage


Know what you should eat in the early stages of pregnancy. The health of your baby and yourself are to a great extent determined by what you eat.

Drink plenty of water. Eat foods with lots of fiber, such as fruits, vegetables, and bran cereal. Eat 4 or more servings of dairy each day. This will provide enough calcium for you and your baby

Avoid uncooked meats, uncooked sea foods, uncooked eggs and unpasteurized cheese. These raw foods carry a high risk of bacterial infection. The little human in your womb can do without the high risk of infections from these foods.


What kinds of exercises are safe during pregnancy?

Exercise is generally good for your health. Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. Also consider doing pelvic floor exercises to protect your bladder from leaking while you are pregnant and after the baby is born.

  •  Have sex if you’re up to it. If your pregnancy has been without complications, you can enjoy sex throughout your pregnancy.
  • Taking a brisk walk
  • Swimming
  • Paddling a stationary bike.
  • Yoga
  • Low-impact aerobics


Finally, get help in case of depression/extreme moodiness.

During pregnancy, your hormones are on a roller coaster. Get help if you need to.


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