Pregnant For Months Without Knowing It?

It is quite difficult to understand how a woman would carry a baby in her womb for 9 solid months and not have a clue about it. I mean, how can you be pregnant for months and not know it?


  • How common is cryptic pregnancy?
  • Psychological reasons why women can be are pregnant for months and not know it.
  • Possible Biological reasons why a woman can be pregnant and not know it.
  • Consequences of being pregnant and not knowing it.
  • Can a blood test detect a cryptic pregnancy?


It is well known fact that some women have been pregnant for 9 months just to realize it during labor. This phenomenon is referred to as cryptic pregnancy.


How common is cryptic pregnancy?

In actual fact, one in 500 women are 20 weeks (about 5 months) pregnancy before they know they are pregnant. More interestingly, one in 2,500 women only get to realize they are pregnant during labor.


Psychological reasons why women can be are pregnant for months and not know it

Some women aren’t just aware of what’s going on in their bodies. Just as people feel pain differently, people’s awareness of their bodies are also different.


Some people who doubt this possibility of cryptic pregnancy, argue that only a mental illness can justify a woman not knowing that she is pregnant.


Women who are pregnant for months and not know it may sometimes be in deep denial of their pregnancy. This level of denial could actually be a sign of mental illness.


There are cases of teenage girls and young women who are in denial about their pregnancy. They don’t want to admit to themselves or their parents that they are carrying a baby.


Yet, in 2012, the BBC news carried a story of a British servicewoman who gave birth to a baby boy in Afghanistan who only discovered she was pregnant at the point of delivery. In that classic case of cryptic pregnancy, she was not known to have mental health problems.


Notwithstanding the fact about the existence of cryptic pregnancy, it is quite phenomenal to be pregnant for months and not know it. This is because, usually, at around 20 weeks of pregnancy, you start to feel the baby moving. The baby’s presence in your womb will affect your life both while active and while resting.

Before 20 weeks, some tell tale signs of pregnancy are:

  • A missed period
  • Tender, swollen breasts
  • Peeing more than normal
  • being very tired
  • Nausea, at times, vomiting
  • Can’t stand certain foods or smells
  • A protruding stomach


Possible Physical/Biological reasons why a woman can be pregnant and not know it

I’ll share with you possible reasons why cryptic pregnancy is very possible:

  1. There are women whose periods are not frequent and irregular. They could be pregnant and assume that it’s a problem of infrequent/irregular periods. Furthermore, during the early days of pregnancy, there is usually light blood spotting that can be mistaken for menstrual bleeding. This blood spotting can make a woman assume she isn’t pregnant.

  1. Very physically fit women may have no periods at all owing to strenuous exercise. Meaning that they are deprived of the early sign of “a missed period”. Stress has been identified as being capable of reducing the quantity of pregnancy hormones. Meaning that a woman who is stressed may not have that much signs of pregnancy.


  1. A baby who is very small in size may not give any noticeable pregnancy bump.


  1. Chromosomal anomalies, a birth defect could also hamper the production of pregnancy hormones in a woman. This can result in suppressed pregnancy symptoms.


  1. An otherwise healthy baby’s genes may result in the production of low quantity of pregnancy hormones.


  1. An obese woman or one whose size often goes up and down might not notice the extra baby weight.


Can blood test detect cryptic pregnancy?

Sure. Cryptic pregnancy doesn’t hide under pregnancy tests. If you subject yourself to pregnancy tests, you can say for certain whether you are pregnant or not.


Consequences of being pregnant and not knowing it

There are lots of medications that are inappropriate for the health and well being of a baby in the womb. A woman that is unaware of her pregnancy might endanger the unborn baby by taking such drugs.

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