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How to Get Pregnant Fast

To get pregnant faster, you need to know a few things. These are things that ordinarily should be common knowledge, but surprisingly are not. Most people just have sex and of course in most cases get pregnant within 6 months.


Timing intercourse to conceive faster

Both partners should eat the right foods to get conceive faster

Be relaxed and balanced in mind and in your body


Not everyone will get pregnant fast by just having sex. If you wanna get pregnant faster, you need to get your body optimally fertile. You need to prepare for about three months. Yes, like every other thing, powerful preparation prevents poor performance.


To get pregnant faster, you’ll have to prepare powerfully. I will lead you through 3 simple but powerful processes to get pregnant faster.


1. Timing intercourse to conceive faster

One vital key to getting pregnant faster is by timing intercourse to coincide with your ovulation days. This greatly increases your chances of getting pregnant faster. If you are unsure of your ovulation day or your cycles are irregular, ovulation prediction kits can help in determining your ovulation days.


You can calculate your most fertile days to get pregnant faster by clicking here.

Depending on the length of your menstrual cycle, your most fertile days to get pregnant are as follows:

Length of menstrual Cycle Most fertile days to get pregnant counting from the first day you see your period.
27 days Days 8 through 13 of the cycle
28 days Days 9 through 14 of the cycle
29 days Days 10 through 15 of the cycle
30 days Days 11 through 16 of the cycle
31 days Days 12 through 17 of the cycle
32 days Days 13 through 18 of the cycle
33 days Days 14 through 19 of the cycle
34 days Days 15 through 20 of the cycle
35 days Days 16 through 21 of the cycle


Once you know your most fertile days and your ovulation day(s), have sex as often as you can within these days.

Just to give you some  clues to your ovulation day:

  • Ovulation happens about two weeks before your next period/menstrual bleeding starts.
  • Your vaginal discharge towards your ovulation is clear, like egg white. It also increases in quantity during ovulation.


Ovulation takes place within 12 to 24 hours. Since it might not be very easy to spot the exact time, it is better to start having sex say 2 days before your expected ovulation.

This is by far the surest way to get naturally pregnant faster.


2. Both partners should eat the right foods to get conceive faster

Before I advise anyone about complex fertility problems, I’ll first make sure they adjust their diets. I will also show you here and now those foods to eat to get pregnant fast.


  • Eat Plant-Based Proteins

Studies have shown that women who consume more of animal protein were 39 percent more likely to suffer ovulation problems that cause infertility. Conversely, women who ate even small amounts of plant-based protein, had a substantially lower risk of infertility.


Therefore, plant proteins like legumes, beans and tofu are good examples of foods to eat to get pregnant faster.

plant based protein

  • Fiber rich Carbohydrates

Slowly digestible carbohydrates, rich in fiber are foods to eat to get pregnant faster. Examples are whole grains, vegetables, whole fruits, and beans improve fertility by controlling blood sugar and insulin levels.”



  • Eat whole dairy products to get pregnant faster:

When you want to drink milk, take whole milk instead of low-fat or non-fat milk. It has been found that non-fat and low-fat milk, may have a negative effect on ovulation whereas, whole milk actually promotes conception. Note that dairy products include cheese.


  • Eat Healthy Fats

Healthy natural fats, like olive oil or coconut oil are examples of foods to eat to get pregnant faster. Olive oil for instance decreases inflammation in the body. Inflammation interferes with ovulation and development of the embryo. Olive oil can be used to cook or sprinkled it on salads.


  • Foods rich in Lycopene

For male sperm motility issues load up on tomatoes, grab some guava, watermelon and pink grapefruit.


  • Eat foods rich in Vitamin D to get pregnant faster

Women with sufficient vitamin D levels have higher rates of pregnancy compared with those with lower vitamin D levels. Mushrooms are a good example of foods rich in vitamin D. You can substitute your meat with mushrooms.


  • Take Antioxidants to get pregnant faster

Antioxidants enhance sperm quality and general pregnancy rates. Specifically, the combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and CoQ10 are the ideal antioxidants to rev up your fertility chances.

Eat nuts and avocado for vitamin E, lean beef and mackerel for CoQ10, and berries for Vitamin C. Berries protect eggs from damage and ageing.


Pumpkin seeds are rich in iron. Women who regularly consume iron are 40 per cent less likely to be infertile than those who did not consume enough iron.

  • Eat cooked dark Leafy Greens to get pregnant faster

Taking adequate amounts of folic acid and iron lowers your risk of infertility. Cooked dark, leafy greens like spinach and kale offer loads of folic acid and iron.


  • Eat shellfish to get pregnant faster:

Shellfish is loaded with vitamin B12, it strengthens the endometrium lining (necessary for getting pregnant). In men, it increases sperm count.


3. Be relaxed and balanced in mind and in your body

This includes keeping reasonable work hours, reducing travel, eating healthy and regularly, exercising and spending time in nature to relax as well as developing a close relationship with your partner. Do something each day that brings you joy.


To help balance your mind and stay rest assured you can practice what I call the fourth dimension to get pregnant faster:

  • See to it that you are doing the right things required for you to conceive.
  • Acknowledge the fact that your body by original design has the potential to conceive.
  • Take a quiet time off, visualize yourself conceiving. By that I mean, have a mental picture of you getting pregnant. Close your eyes, build the picture or the movie in your mind and mutter what you are visualizing. This process is the fourth dimension that I’m talking about.
  • By speaking those things you visualize, you are already in prayer. You are getting your mind fine-tuned for your body to get pregnant faster.

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