Dealing With Ovulation Problems?

Getting pregnant and birthing a baby comes with a satisfaction that words cannot adequately express. That “out-of-this-world” feeling more than adequately rewards the hassles you under go to conceive and deliver. You may be at that time of your life when to conceive fast is on the top of your priority list. If this is your situation at this point, you need knowledge as to how to boost ovulation naturally.



What are signs that I am not ovulating?

Why choose natural herbs to increase ovulation and fertility?

Boost ovulation and conceive fast with these herbs

How can you tell if you are ovulating?



If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to conceive for over a year, it is obvious that you have fertility problems. The problem may be ovulation related and you want to know how to increase ovulation naturally. Indeed, ovulation disorders account for 30% of women’s infertility problems.


Experiencing fertility problems can be emotionally painful and sometimes leads to anxiety, isolation, periods of depression, and an inability to concentrate on daily tasks.


If you have this awful experience, you need information on how to increase ovulation naturally and conceive fast.


What are signs that I am not ovulating?

  • Irregular menstruation
  • The absence of a menstrual period
  • Excessive menstrual bleeding.
  • Light menstruation
  • Irregular basal body temperature (BBT)


I am about to share with you natural herbs that will help you increase ovulation naturally and conceive fast.


You know by now that problems with ovulation are issues that countless other couples have faced. The good thing is that natural remedies abound that can increase ovulation.


Whether it is how to increase ovulation naturally or any other conception problems, medical science sources solutions from Mother Nature.

Ovulation is central to conception

It’s no news that a woman’s body produces eggs which are central to her fertility and her ability to conceive fast. Whatever you give your body becomes raw material for egg production.


To be able to conceive fast, you must give your body what it requires to produce eggs in the first instance. These eggs then take 90 days to mature for ovulation. During these 90 days, the eggs are affected by your lifestyle.


The information I’m sharing here will have a fast and profound impact that will increase ovulation naturally. In fact, some feel the impact shortly after they begin to use these wonder working herbs.


Like I just said, to increase ovulation naturally requires giving your body the right conditions it needs to perform optimally. There are very potent herbs that when taken boosts ovulation and increase fertility.


Ginseng good for fertility

These herbs are packed with Mother Nature’s potent remedies that have changed the stories of millions who suffered ovulation and fertility issues.

Why choose natural herbs to increase ovulation and fertility?


  • Herbs work holistically. They involve healing on a deeper level by helping the body function at its optimum capacity.


  • Many ovulation inducing prescription drugs have various disturbing side effects. In contrast, most natural ways of boosting ovulation are less likely to cause as much allergic or negative reactions.


  • These natural ovulation boosting remedies have tipped the fertility balance of many in the right direction.


  • Compared to what they cost and results the produce, natural herbs give good value for your hard earned money.

Boost ovulation and conceive fast with these herbs

  1. Flaxseed oil

It is extracted from the seeds of flax plant and is available in liquid and capsule form. Flaxseed oil has properties that help balance the hormone levels within the body and regulate the menstrual cycle and ovulation.

Taking 1 table spoon daily for a 90 day period will increase your ovulation and fertility.

  1. Unkei-to

Unkei-to, also commonly known as “warm the menses formula” is used by the Japanese to treat female fertility problems. It improves gonadotropin and estradiol levels in women. This brings irregular ovulation to order.

3. Green Tea

Green tea stimulates and corrects the underlying hormone problem and induces ovulation.

  1. Bush okra, Jew’s mallow

This fertility herb also known as Ewedu in Southwest Nigeria is known to be effective in regulating menstrual periods in women.  The leaves work wonderfully for soups, stews, and sauces that you want to thicken up.

  1. Dong Quai root:

Dong quai improves the timing of the menstrual cycle and regulates hormonal control.

It is available in tablets and as tea. Daily recommended dose ranges from one 530 mg capsule per day to two 565 mg capsules three times a day, depending on the supplement brand

  1. Motherwort aerial parts:

This herb helps in stimulating the womb. It is also used in bringing on menstruation. 2 teaspoons of the dried herb can be put in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. This makes you a cup of Motherwort tea. Take up to 3 cups of the tea daily.

  1. Mugwort:

This is a Japanese natural herb has been used for ages to bring about menstruation. It must not be used immediately you conceive because it could lead to an abortion.

  1. Shatavari root:

It promotes regular menstrual cycles by aiding in the regulation of estrogen levels. The supplement is available in powder, tablet, or liquid form.

Take 500 milligrams of Shatavari tablets up to twice a day. Shatavari root also comes as an extract that can be diluted in water or juice and ingested up to three times a day.

  1. Yarrow aerial parts 

This wonder herb increases muscular activity in the womb. It stimulates the womb to bring on regular menstrual cycles in the absence of pregnancy.

You can use dried yarrow flower to make tea by adding 1 teaspoon to one cup of boiling water. Cover it for 30 minutes and serve.

Each of the herbs discussed here nature’s ovulation and fertility remedies. Introducing them as supplements or food for up to 90 days, as the case may be will definitely increase ovulation and help you to conceive fast.

Ovulation is central to fertility
Reproductive system

How can you tell if you are ovulating?

  • The day you have the most amount of virginal fluid. The fluid also resembles “egg whites”.
  • As you get closer to ovulation, your basal body temperature declines slightly then increases sharply after ovulation.


Some women may also notice light blood spots in the virginal, breast tenderness, and an increased sex drive.

These ovulation signs are not exactly the same for all women. Our bodies are different and could react differently during ovulation.

For How to Calculate Ovulation (check this out)


Since the menstrual cycle of women varies, how can you accurately know that you are ovulating?

Ovulation can be more accurately calculated by the use of an ovulation kit. The ovulation kit tells you exactly when you’re ovulating 36 to 48 hours before you ovulate.


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