What Are The Earliest Symptoms Of Pregnancy?

Having to deal with early signs of pregnancy before a missed period definitely comes with some anxiety. Some are dead scared of pregnancy. Others can’t wait to get pregnant fast.


Very early signs of pregnancy.

How soon can I get early signs of pregnancy missing my period?

How to differentiate between pregnancy symptoms and Premenstrual syndrome.

Is it possible to see my period and yet be pregnant?                      


Of course, of all early signs of pregnancy before a missed period, a positive pregnancy test is most reliable. Pregnancy comes with loads of hormonal changes. This triggers different reactions in a woman’s body.


First and foremost, early signs of pregnancy before a missed period are similar to your premenstrual syndrome (PMS) such as tender breasts, bloating, feeling tired, irritability, and mood changes.


But I’m gonna share quite some other very early signs of pregnancy that shows that this isn’t just the monthly PMS. Experiencing these early pregnancy symptoms I’ll be revealing here could mean you’ve taken in.


                                                   Very early signs of pregnancy

  • One of the early signs of pregnancy is your cervical mucus

    What some may refer to a vaginal discharge. If it becomes creamy and remains that way after ovulation. That is a pointer that you may be pregnant.


Another very early sign of pregnancy is “tender breasts”.

Breasts are often the first body part to report fertilization. Your breasts may feel sore, tingly, full and even painful to the touch within days of taking in.

Like I said earlier, this may not feel too different from PMS breasts. Just that the changes remain even after your missed period.


  • Darkening of the circle around your nipples.

That is your areolas. Your areolas darken and increase in diameter weeks after you get pregnant. There may be tiny bumps on your areolas. However, not all women will notice them.


  • Nausea

Days after taking in, you might start to get nauseous. Of course, not everyone gets this symptom this early. Some get it after the missed period.


  • Frequent Urination

If you suddenly need to pee, a lot more, it could be an early sign of pregnancy before a missed period.


  • Fatigue

In fact this early symptom of pregnancy continues for the first four months.


Sensitivity to smell

Some women become unusually sensitive to smell. Sensitivity to smell, however, could also be a side effect of PMS.


  • Bloating

You may be feeling full. This is similar to PMS feelings though.


  • Higher basal body temperature (BBT).

If you’ve been tracking your temperature, you know that it normally increases during ovulation. But if you get pregnant, your body temperature will remain increase and remain elevated throughout your pregnancy. If for 18 or more consecutive days your temperature remain elevated post-ovulation, you’re most likely pregnant.

There is a caveat. You could also have none of these signs of early pregnancy and still be pregnant. Every pregnancy is different.

What To Do In The Early Stages Of Pregnancy

How soon can I get early signs of pregnancy missing my period?

You may get early signs of pregnancy like tender breasts, nausea, fatigue, sensitivity to smell or bloating few days after getting pregnant. Other early signs of pregnancy, like urinary frequency, may not show up around the time you normally see your period.


Other early pregnancy symptoms as changes in your areolas, a consistently creamy vaginal discharge, and an elevated body temperature for a few weeks. Yet, a good number of women don’t experience any of these symptoms.


How to differentiate between pregnancy symptoms and Premenstrual syndrome.

Unlike premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy is often accompanied by the following:

  • Changes in your areolas: they become darker, wider and bumpy if you conceive.
  • A consistently elevated Basal body temperature
  • A creamy vaginal discharge.

how long does a period last


Is it possible to see my period and yet be pregnant?

If you conceive, what you may think is your period could actually be spotting otherwise known as implantation bleeding. This occurs six to 12 days after conception. The color of the implantation bleeding is usually medium pink or light brown. It is hardly ever red like your normal period. It’s also much lighter than your period and lasts only a few hours to a few days.


You can purchase a pregnancy test kit to better ascertain whether you are pregnant or not. Better still see your doctor.

For further reading: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/signs-and-symptoms-pregnancy/


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