Most fertile days to get pregnant

Knowing Your Most Fertile Days is Key to Getting Pregnant Fast


How to calculate menstrual cycle.

Changes in your body are pointers to your most fertile days.




Adults who are financially and psychologically ready to make babies want to get pregnant fast and enjoy the processes. This eagerness and excitement most times meets with good fortune as most couples trying to get pregnant succeed within 6 months. This is more likely when both are around to have regular intercourse for say twice every week. Even when intercourse is regular, knowing your most fertile days to get pregnant is definitely a plus.


As we all know, not all couples have the time or even libido to have intercourse twice per week. Others do, yet they somehow haven’t been lucky to get pregnant after 1 year.


tips for sex and getting pregnantWhether you do have enough intercourse or not, there are most fertile days to get pregnant fast. It will do you a lot good to take advantage of this kind of knowledge. Having sex in those most fertile days to get pregnant optimizes your chances to get pregnant fast. That’s exactly what I’m gonna share with you here and now.

You see, your menstrual cycle gives you clues about most fertile days to get pregnant fast. First, you must know the days when your eggs are ready to be fertilized. Most women have a menstrual cycle of between 28 to 32 days.


Depending on the length of your menstrual cycle, your most fertile days to get pregnant are as follows:


Length of menstrual Cycle Most fertile days to get pregnant counting from the first day you see your period.
24 days Days 5 through 10 of the cycle
25 days Days 6 through 11 of the cycle
26 days Days 7 through 12 of the cycle
27 days Days 8 through 13 of the cycle
28 days Days 9 through 14 of the cycle
29 days Days 10 through 15 of the cycle
30 days Days 11 through 16 of the cycle
31 days Days 12 through 17 of the cycle
32 days Days 13 through 18 of the cycle
33 days Days 14 through 19 of the cycle
34 days Days 15 through 20 of the cycle
35 days Days 16 through 21 of the cycle


Knowing the length of your menstrual cycle helps you to pin point the most fertile days to get pregnant. I will now show you how to calculate the length of your menstrual cycle.


How to calculate menstrual cycle

A woman’s menstrual cycle begins from the first day of the menstrual bleeding to the 1st day of the next menstrual bleeding. Like I mentioned earlier, that is an average of 28 to 32 days for most women.

Menstrual calendar
Calendar showing menstrual cycle

Counting from the 1st day of menstrual bleeding, some women can ovulate between the 11th to the 21st day of the menstrual cycle. These days are referred to as the fertility window.

For more on how to calculate your menstrual cycle, check this out

Take note of the first day of your period (day 1). Then note the first day of your next period. Count how many days you have between the first days of each period. You must take note of at least 6 cycles to get an accurate result.


A practical illustration of the Number of days in a menstrual cycle.

First Day of Period Number of Days in Cycle
Jan 1
Jan 30 29 days
Feb 29 29 days
Mar 29 29 days
April 27 29 days
May 23 26 days
June 21 28 days
July 21 30 days


  • If every cycle is shorter than 27 days, the calendar method won’t work accurately for you.


Changes in your body are pointers to your most fertile days

If you observe your body close enough, you’ll observe that the mucus that secretes from your vagina will at different times, have different colors and textures. As you are about to ovulate, the color of the mucus (cervical mucus) becomes clear, looks and feels more like the colorless part of raw eggs.


At that point, your body is producing mucus that facilitates the movement of sperms from your cervix to the womb. You’ll also observe that the mucus will be more in quantity that at other periods.


Furthermore, your breasts might feel more tender and sore when you are most fertile. Some women also have a greater sex drive at this moment. Yet, some women have a stronger sense of smell during these most fertile days to get pregnant.


Again, by taking your body temperature every morning immediately you get up, you’ll notice a sharp increase in your basal body temperature on one of the days of your monthly cycle. At that point, ovulation had just occurred within the past 2 days. That implies that, those 2 days before the sharp rise in your temperature were your most fertile days to get pregnant.

 You can also purchase an ovulation prediction kit. Using it will help you determine your most fertile days to get pregnant without complex calculations.


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